5am starts, wedding prep and ordering takeaway "too often": A day in the life of Sophie Monk.

Sophie Monk doesn't have a typical workday.

Since wrapping up filming for Beauty and the Geek, she's been busy releasing new music, preparing to host the new season of Love Island, partnering with Amazon to teach Alexa classic Aussie slang, and preparing for her wedding... all while in lockdown.

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Depending on what she has on her schedule, her mornings at home can look quite different.

"Recently I've been getting up at about 5am to do radio interviews but other days I'll sleep in till 10 or 11am," Sophie told Mamamia.

"If I do interviews, I'll wake up, have a coffee and try to exercise... which normally doesn't happen for me.

"Through lockdown, every day I'm trying to get fit and healthy like all these Instagram people and then go, I'll just do it tomorrow.

"I feel like in the first lockdown I was really good but the second one, I'm like, you know what, I'm not going to fight it. It is what it is."


What Sophie eats for breakfast depends on how she's feeling. 

"If I'm trying to be good, I'll do egg whites, bacon, mushrooms, and tomatoes," she said. "But if I'm being naughty, I'll eat anything. Which is every third day, I reckon."

Sophie spends her morning promoting her latest work - her new single 'Nice To Meet You' and the TV shows she's starring on, Love Island and The Hundred - either on the phone or over Zoom. 

"I don't even look at anyone," Sophie said about Zoom meetings. 

"I'm looking at myself going, 'I should move'. So, all I'm doing is moving around the house trying to find better lighting. I'm not taking anything in."


After a few hours of that, she'll get a lunch break.

"If I'm trying to be good, I'll have a salad. I try to avoid bread, so I'll have a tuna salad, or bolognaise without the pasta, which is so yum," she said.

"But if I'm being naughty, I will order off the app, fast food. And that happens way more often than I'd like to but it's so easy to press a button."

On Christmas Day in 2020, Sophie got engaged to her partner, neurosurgical robotics consultant, Joshua Gross

When asked whether she's been preparing for their wedding during lockdown, Sophie shared the couple plan to tie the knot after filming wraps for Love Island (which begins on October 4) in Northern NSW.


"We're going to try to do it after Love Island, just him and I. We kind of just want it to be intimate," she shared. 

"And it's kind of always a bit about me; I'm always getting dressed up for stuff. So, I should just make it about him and I and organise a dress, have a really nice night, and get married by ourselves."

"I'll just do it [the planning] while I'm doing Love Island and try to organise it low-key and go with the climate," she said.

"Just do by ourselves and get a nice photo because that's all you kind of remember with weddings, anyway. You look back at photos and go, 'I didn't even talk to that person'."

Since the release of her new song, Sophie's been writing music here and there.

"[I've been writing] little bits and pieces," she said.

"I'd love to do a Christmas album. I'm obsessed with Christmas. I'm an absolute nerd burger. So, whether I've got time - I've been lucky enough to be busy - I'd like to do that in the downtime."


But there's been a slight problem writing music at home.

"I bought a recording studio, I just can't plug it in. [And] I can't get anyone out to plug it in for me," she added while laughing.

Come evening, and it's time to wind down with her fiancé.

"On Friday, we'll have a glass of champagne and play board games. Otherwise, I love watching crime, that's how I relax," she said.

"So, if I was gonna watch something it's crime documentaries. I'm obsessed at the moment. It's just such an escape, like reality shows."

Then Sophie heads to bed listening to calming sounds on her Alexa that send her to sleep.

"If I have to get up early, I'll try and be in bed by 10pm," she said. 

"I put on sounds, like oceans sounds on Alexa that help me go to sleep. It's really weird because I thought that was a bit dorky and then I put it on and got so addicted. 

"It's just so nice you can imagine you're anywhere, like in a rainforest or on a beach."

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