Don't worry, Sophie Monk jokes even she is "confused" about her relationship.

It was meant to be easy for Sophie Monk after she appeared on the latest season of The Bachelorette.

She was meant to have picked her dream man, presented him to the nation as ‘The One’ and enjoyed a life of magazine photo shoots and coupled-up Instagram selfies.

But that’s not quite how things worked out for the 37-year-old actress, model, singer and presenter: her relationship with 44-year-old Stu Laundy was questioned by the public right from the word ‘go’.

TV appearances and behind-the-scenes gossip suggested the pair were no longer together, and one rumour even claimed the pair had a “contract” to stay together until the Melbourne Cup.


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In fact, the rumours came in so thick and fast that Sophie herself has now admitted that even she is confused about where her relationship with Stu is at.

At the McDonald’s Supercrew Awards over the weekend, Monk joked about being single, pregnant and married to Stu all at the same time, while handing the restaurant’s mascot, Ronald McDonald, a rose.

“Ronald…will you accept this rose? If you’re that much of a loser…like I was,” she said during her MC duties.

“Does this mean we’re going out?” the beloved clown replied.

“No, because actually, even though the media’s said that I’ve broken up, and pregnant and married… I’m getting confused myself… I’m still with the guy,” she said.



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Public appearances from the couple have been few and far between, and the pair recently made Bachelor history for all the wrong reasons when they didn’t appear during Spring Racing season.

Stu did, however, make an appearance on Sophie’s Instagram stories earlier this month, with the duo challenging each other to a ‘dance off’ for fans.

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In an interview with The Daily Telegraph earlier this month, Stu – who is already a father of four daughters and who was still legally married while appearing on The Bachelorette – said he and Sophie’s relationship was still in “very early days”.

“Realistically, in simple terms I have been dating Soph for a couple of months,” he told the paper.

“What sort of couple who have been dating that long get asked walking down the street about kids, marriage, the future?

“There are no future plans, we are just a couple starting out in a relationship and very happy with each other. It is a pressure cooker. You need a little perspective.”