Sophie Monk opens up about the dark side of Bardot.

“It’s just not normal for everyone to know you all of a sudden.”

It’s been 16 years since we first met Sophie Monk on the popular talent show Popstars. But the Australian celebrity has only just revealed the traumatic stress she suffered following her quick rise to fame during her time in the girl group Bardot.

Speaking to The Daily Telegraph, Monk said, “I think being famous overnight, I wouldn’t be surprised if I had post traumatic stress disorder. There is some s–t I will reveal one day. It’s just not normal for everyone to know you all of a sudden.”

The 35-year-old explained that she has not spoken to her fellow former Bardot members since they broke up in 2002.

Bardot: (From left to right). Belinda Chapple, Tiffani Wood, Sally Polihronas, Sophie Monk and Katie Underwood.

And it's no surprise, with Monk feeling as though there was constant completion between the girls.

“It was worse than high school because the girls were smarter. They were a bit older then me too. I’m sure they were messing around, but I was so innocent back then. I don’t speak to the girls anymore, it’s like school, we grew apart. We were in a competition with that band, you know how it is with young girls," she said.

Watch Sophie Monk finding out she had been selected to join Bardot on Popstars. Post continues after video...

But Monk says she is used to all of the fame now and is planning to head to Los Angeles to explore more work opportunities. And she's certainly not camera shy, after going nude for Playboy in December of last year.

Monk previously quit her 2Day FM radio gig, after having a tough time competing with fellow radio jockey Kyle Sandilands and working with a flailing show.

Monk was most recently rumoured to have been dating cricketer, Shane Warne, but lately has appeared relatively single.

That's if you don't count the kiss on the lips she shared a few days ago with good friend, Annie Cipressi.

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