Channel 10 broke one of its own rules to make Sophie Monk the Bachelorette.

“I’d want someone to know that it’s me,” Sophie Monk told the panel on The Project the night after her role of Bachelorette was confirmed last month.

Which makes sense, really. You’d want the men signing up to vie for your affections on national television’s hearts to be in it, wouldn’t you?

Apparently, that’s not usually how it works though.

When former pop star approached Channel 10 with her heart in her hands and asked to be the Bachelorette, they basically threw the rule book out the window to get her on board.

Can you blame them though? Source: Instagram

For starters, the date of the announcement was brought forward to keep rumours under wraps.

The decision also meant that for the first time in the show's history would-be suitors knew exactly who they were applying for. (Which, just quietly, could either end up super romantic or... a tad creepy? No?)

It also meant the network are now in charge of Monk's public profile and, according to the Daily Telegraphrecently blocked her from doing a photo shoot with her family on the Gold Coast.

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There's also never been an age limit on contestants before, but the 37-year-old says she'll be setting her sights on men aged 30(ish) to "a billion".

Look, there's only one downside to Monk's appointment, which is that another Aussie lady looking for love will have to do it without the help of a TV crew behind her.

And, according again to the Daily Telegraph, the one missing out is last year's Bachelor runner-up Nikki Gogan.

Oh, what could have beem. Source: Instagram

It's believed the 29-year-old real estate agent was still in talks with producers over the role but had been hesitant to grab it.

Perhaps it's fate that Monk stepped it then.