Australia, it's official: Sophie Monk is our new Bachelorette.

Hold onto your roses, Bachelorette fans, because Sophie Monk is 100 per cent, absolutely, definitely your next Bachelorette.

Channel 10 tweeted the news on Sunday afternoon, just ahead of TV’s 59th Logie Awards.

The 37-year-old former model and radio host told News Corp she’s hoping to find someone who isn’t interested in fame or status

“Someone that really likes me for me,” she told the news outlet.

“Someone that works because I don’t want to have to pay for everything.

“Someone who is not competitive. Just a man who has got a good self-esteem. I don’t really want a boyfriend that is obsessed with how he looks because I don’t care.

“And I would love funny but that is tricky.”

The news comes just weeks after rumour initially surfaced that Monk was vying for the role.

It started off as a joke with Tom Gleeson, when the radio host and actress mentioned that she would like to star in the dating show during an interview with Gleeson on The Weekly’s Hard Chat segment earlier this month.


When asked whether she wished she had waited to appear on a more memorable reality show than Popstars, the media personality said she actually wished she was in a “cooler one” now, suggesting The Bachelorette.

“I’m very single,” Monk said.

Gleeson inquired if ‘The Celebrity Bachelorette’ existed and jokingly suggested she might not even need a celebrity version of the show.

Apparently not – it seems Channel 10 executives were more than happy to keep Monk on the regular version.

Watch this space. This will be nothing short of epic.