The genius tactic Sophie Monk uses to wrap up awkward conversations with just one word.

There is nothing – we repeat, NOTHING – more awkward than Christmas lunch conversations with people you’re related to but hardly ever see.

You don’t have much in common, eating while trying to speak, which in itself is problematic, and there are only so many times one can fake laugh before it starts to sound… uncomfortable.

Thankfully, Sophie Monk has the answer. She might not even realise it, but she does.

LISTEN: You can hear Sophie doing it while talking to Mia Freedman on No Filter (post continues after audio…)

Last week, we were lucky enough to have not one, but two chats with The Bachelorette in the Mamamia office.

From cheating and love dilemmas to body image and of course, Stu Laundy, we chatted with Sophie about all of the things.

But no matter the topic, there was one word that kept coming up. And when we heard it, we knew it was time to move onto the next question.

That word?


Regardless of whether it’s deliberate move conjured up after years of interviews or simply a defence mechanism, a simple ‘yeah’ at the end of her sentence or statement let us know that was all she had to say on that particular issue.

Us waving goodbye to things we don't want to talk about. Image: Getty.

We're not mad, or offended even. Just bloody impressed. Because it worked.

Firm but never rude, and just awkward enough to move the conversation, this nifty trick will no doubt come in handy when your great aunt asks why you're still single over Christmas dinner.

And it's a win for everybody because you, the person saying the 'yeah' gets to stop talking about something you don't want to, and the person receiving the 'yeah' gets a signal to stop asking, rather than keep going on and on... and on.

For example:

"So do you think (insert name) is the one?" says your third cousin you're not even sure you've met before.

"Oh look, everything's going really well and we love each other, but I guess it's too soon to tell. Yeeeaaah."

Now imagine that subject being changed pretty darn quick. Or even better, ending completely with a mutter about needing the loo.

See, genius.

Once again, Sophie being her God damn self saves the day.

LISTEN: You can listen to Sophie Monk's brilliant full interview with Mia Freedman on No Filter below. See how many yeahs you can count...