From haloumi burgers to a pasta ready in 15 minutes: Sophie Monk shares her week of meals.

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We love a good sticky-beak in the fridges of celebrities to see exactly what they're eating.

And we bet you do too because, well, you're reading this. From private chefs to fridge after fridge (we're looking at you Kim Kardashian), there's something fascinating about a sneak peek into a celeb kitchen.

That's why Mamamia spoke to Sophie Monk, forthcoming host of Channel 9's Beauty and The Geek and recently seen (or unmasked) on The Masked Singer, to find out just what her week of meals looks like.

Sophie is currently living on the NSW Central Coast after purchasing a house there earlier this year with her partner Josh Gross.

Like so many couples when COVID-19 hit, they've found themselves cooking a lot more. It's something Sophie has thrown herself into with HelloFresh (if you're following her on Instagram, you've probably seen some of her cooking videos with other celebs, including her bestie and Masked Singer unmasker Jackie O).

We asked Sophie about her favourite quick, easy and delicious HelloFresh recipes below, from meat-free Mondays to those fancier nights in.

MM: Has COVID-19 and being at home more than usual changed what you're eating?

Sophie: "Absolutely. With the stress of 2020, it's no surprise I've been stress eating. But since being at home during lockdown, spending most of my time watching TV, I've been cooking more."


MM: Tell us your favourite meal of the day to prepare.

Sophie: "This might come as a huge shock... but I'm actually not much of a cook. Since I've started ordering HelloFresh, it has made preparing meals so much easier by delivering fresh ingredients and easy-to-follow recipe cards to my door.

"There are only six cooking steps to follow and I manage to plate up something that looks and tastes delicious every day. At the moment, dinner is my favourite."

MM: So how do you decide what you'll make for dinner?

Sophie: "I don't spend time thinking about it! All I do is pick what suits me best for the week from the new menu. I go for Veggie recipes for meat-free Monday or Balanced recipes when I feel like something lighter. I upgrade to Gourmet for nights when I want to be a little bit fancy."

MM: What's your favourite weeknight dinner at the moment?

Sophie: "My all-time favourite is the Mediterranean Haloumi, Pesto and Caramelised Onion Burger with a side of Sweet Potato Wedges. I love the veggie burgers like this one – the extra twists like caramelised onions and creamy pesto dressing makes the dish sing."

Mediterranean Haloumi, Pesto and Caramelised Onion Burger. Image: HelloFresh.

MM: Do you ever go meat-free? What do you make when you do? 

Sophie: "I try to go meat-free when I can, and when I do, it's usually with haloumi. It's like the steak of cheeses." 

MM: What is the fanciest gourmet meal you can make? 

Sophie: "Look out Gordon Ramsay, I’m coming for you! I feel so much more confident in the kitchen.

"Josh loves his red meat so when I feel a little bit fancy, I choose the Gourmet steak recipes and my kitchen turns into a Michelin Star dream. He loved the Premium Fillet Steak and Chive Mash Potato served with Creamy Truffle and Mushroom Sauce. I was surprised at how easy it was to cook – if I can do it then that's saying something."

Premium fillet steak and chive mash potato served with creamy truffle. Image: HelloFresh.

MM: Talk to us about lunch. What's your go-to?  

Sophie: "My go-to quick and easy lunch is microwaved potatoes with salmon – it's a no brainer for me. HelloFresh also gives me the option to upgrade to Dinner to Lunch recipes. I cook a delicious dinner and they add extra ingredients for me to create a delicious lunch for the next day."

MM: You have a busy work schedule, so how does that work with your meals?

Sophie: "There are nights when you're just flat out and it's easier to just order a pizza, which I have always done in the past. But since I started ordering HelloFresh, I have the option to upgrade to Fresh and Fast recipes. I can have a home-cooked dinner on the table in as little as 15 minutes.

"The recipes come with pre-prepped fresh ingredients and pre-marinated meats to make things quick and easy but still so delicious. My favourite recipe is Chicken Alfredo and Fresh Fettuccine with Greens and Roasted Almonds."

Chicken Alfredo and fresh fettuccine with greens and roasted almonds. Image: HelloFresh.

MM: When you and Josh started dating, you said you would make him burgers and sandwiches. How do you jazz up something simple to make it look special? 


Sophie: "Totally – and his stomach thanks me for it! Actually, Josh and I are having a date night at home so I've ordered a Gourmet upgrade recipe.

"It's like enjoying a restaurant-quality meal from the comfort of your home without any extra effort. We're trying something different this week – Seared Barramundi with Thai Coconut Sauce and Sesame Baby Broccoli."

MM: Let's finish off with something sweet. What's your favourite dessert to make and are you an every night after dinner dessert person or only on special occasions?

Sophie: "I would love to have dessert every night but I do tend to watch what I eat. When I'm entertaining or just want to treat myself, I'll order the Chocolate Brownies from the Desserts menu. They're perfect for after dinner and so easy to make."

Chocolate brownies. Image: Supplied.

What's your go-to quick, delicious meal? Tell us below.

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