Celeb in 5: Monday's best entertainment and gossip news.

1. Sophie Monk only had chemistry with five contestants and Apollo wasn’t one of them.

Thank god for Lisa Wilkinson. The former Today Show presenter has asked Sophie Monk the question that’s maybe, definitely been keeping us up all nights since The Bachelorette started two months ago: Which contestants did Monk ACTUALLY have chemistry with?

Unfortunately, the answer isn’t one everyone will want to hear.

Monk told Huffington Post in a Facebook Live interview that she only had liked about 50 per cent of the men offered to her by Osher on a silver, rose-petal filled platter. Of those, there were only five she had real chemistry with.

“Luke, James, Brett, Jarrod and Stu,” she said.

Two things. 1) Who the eff was Brett and 2) What about Apollo????

Apollo's elimination. Image via Ten.

Granted, given it was an off the cuff question Monk might have just forgotten to add the magician-cum-stuntman-cum-singer's name to the line up.

Either way, Apollo - you know where we are.

2. Lisa Wilkinson had a clever trick for beating the paparazzi.

Two major things have happened since news broke that Lisa Wilkinson had left The Today Show last month.

Firstly, Wilkinson is finally catching up on a decade of sleep ins and secondly, she's found herself front and centre of most headlines and media outlets. The cost? Paparazzi stalking her every move.

"I hid in my driveway I didn't want to take part. There were paps over my fence on my private property, it was upsetting my kids," she said in the same Facebook Live.


I could so easily get used to this whole second honeymoon thing... #25thanniversary #25years #honeymoon

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"I spoke to one of them [and said] you're at the point where you are upsetting my kids. On the first day I smiled and gave quotes, but now there's nothing to see."

She eventually employed a trick famously employed by Russell Crowe which ended up working a treat.

"Russell Crowe said keeping wearing the same clothes and you'll drive the price [of the photos] down," she said.

"So I kept wearing black and the same sunglasses! What I do in private isn't even interesting, I'm a married mother of three."

3. Survivor couple Samantha Gash and Mark Wales are pregnant, and we're not crying. You're crying.

The reality television Gods have pulled through, once again.

Not only did they gift us with the off-air romance between Samantha Gash and Mark Wales from Survivor Australia, but now, they’ve given us a baby. Yes, the baby isn’t “ours”, and yes, the baby is still in the process of being made, but we only have the almighty powers of reality television to thank – oh, and probably their real life, genuine connection.

'We may not have won on Survivor, but we came away with a much bigger prize." Image: NewsCorp Australia

The two lovebirds “don’t mind whether it’s a boy or a girl”, and neither do we, in case you were wondering.

“We may not have won Survivor, but we came away with a much bigger prize”, Samantha said.

4. Khaleesi and Drogo did a cute thing and everything is OK with the world.

Everybody hold onto your dragons, because Khaleesi and Drogo have reunited and it’ll force you to crack a smile.

Actors Jason Momoa, and Emilia Clarke, AKA Daenerys Targaryen and Khal Drogo were all smiles, and potentially five gins deep (probs more) into a Dothraki-approved celebration with a guest appearance from Wonder Woman herself (Gal Gadot).

Of course, in this alternative universe Kahl is back, Daenerys hasn’t committed low-key incest and they’ve all joined the Wonder Woman universe drinking with the Amazonian queen herself, and you know what? We.are.here.for.this.


However, what’s even better are the very cute and gushable #content that came from it, note the hashtags… oh the hashtags.

Exhibit A… Kahl being a fanboy.

Exhibit B… Kahl in an A++ coat being a fanboy 2.0.

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