Mum who lifted weights during pregnancy shares post-birth photo.

Fitness guru Sophie Guidolin first came to everyone’s attention when she continued her exercise regime throughout her pregnancy, posting multiple workout pictures and videos to her Instagram account.

Guidolin continued to workout until 34 weeks of pregnancy.

On Monday, the now mother of four announced the arrival of her twins, Evie and Aria.

Two days after giving birth, Guidolin has shared her first post-birth picture to Instragram, hoping to share the ‘reality’ of her experience.

Sophie Guidolin training during pregnancy. Image via Instagram.

She captioned the image with, 'This post takes a lot of courage as I am only 'just' up and walking since having a c-section. Something I was hoping to avoid, however it was SO much better than I thought it would be and recovery has been pretty incredible so far!'

Sophie Guidolin two days after giving birth. Image via Instagram.

'The babies were almost 5 pound each, so carrying 10 pounds of babies only 2 days ago is something I am proud my body has gone through and achieved. So many women whose pregnancy I have followed have posted photos 2 weeks later with no stomach, however this IS 'my' reality and your uterus doesn't just 'go away' at the moment my uterus is still contracting to get it down to the normal/non pregnant size. My tummy is like a soft jelly and tender to touch,' she continued.

Sophie Guidolin with her twin girls. Image via Instagram.

'These are in exact pair of underwear I posted a photo in the day before giving birth. Every women's journey is different and it doesn't make one right or one wrong, this is simply my journey I am sharing,' the message concluded.

Sophie Guidolin and her twins after birth. Image via Instagram.

Many have come out in support of Guidolin, sharing positive messages on her Instagram account.

"Congratulations! Your body has done an amazing job and just gone through the trauma of major surgery! You look bloody fantastic," one commenter wrote. 

Sophie Guidolin during her pregnancy. Image via Instagram.

"I love that your being real and showing us what it's really like the good the bad and the not so pretty. So many famous women in the industry make us all feel like we should 'bounce' back immediately after having a baby. Congratulations on your baby girls! It's been beautiful watching your story unfold, each chapter it must be hard sharing it at times. Thank you," wrote another.

Many also took the opportunity to share their personal stories from their birth.

Did you share photos after giving birth?