Sophie Delezio has a message for her bullies.

She’s the little girl who endured two major accidents before her sixth birthday – now she’s being bullied.

Sophie Delezio, the Sydney girl who showed incredible inner strength and determination by overcoming two major accidents before the age of six, says she’s being bullied, but refuses to let it get her down.

Sophie Delezio
Sophie after her first accident in 2003. Image via Getty.

In an interview with New Idea magazine, the young survivor explains she receives whispers and stares on the streets and at school.


But at just 14 years old, Delezio has acquired some incredible perspective at such a young age.

“I’m used to it by now, people can be bitchy – sometimes it’s totally Gossip Girl – but I don’t really care about it. That’s more their problem than mine,” she told  New Idea.

Sophie Delezio recently declared she love to row for Australia in the Paralympics.

At just age two, Delezio suffered burns to 85% of her body, lost both her legs, some of her fingers and part of her right ear when she was trapped under a burning car which ploughed into the child care centre where she was enrolled.

Just three years later, she was hit by another car when her nanny was pushing her wheelchair across a pedestrian crossing. As a result of the accident Delezio had a heart attack, broke her jaw and shoulder and also fractured her ribs.

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But with her trademark positive attitude, she’s refusing to let the bullies win, or to stray from dreaming big. She recently declared her desire to row for the Australian Paralympic team.

Her dad Ron says he loves that Sophie sees the sky as the limit.

“Sophie lives life to the fullest, more than most able-bodied people, and that’s one of the things I find amazing,” he told New Idea.

Delezio also says she’d like to try her hand at acting and is taking classes at the National Institute of Dramatic Art.

We look forward to seeing more positive outcomes for Sophie Delezio after such a traumatic start to life.