Sophie Cachia has 'secondbabyitis'. And mums everywhere can relate.

Popular blogger and mum-of-two Sophie Cachia is known for nailing exactly how mums feel – and with a recent photo of her six-month-old daughter Florence, she’s done it yet again.

The 26-year-old shared a photo of Florence sitting on the beach with the caption, “posture on point gurl,” before describing her very real experience with secondbabyitis.

“Example 248 of ‘secondbabyitis’,” she wrote.

“Friend: ‘Oh cute Soph, when did she start sitting up?’ Me: ‘I literally have no f**king idea.'”

Lots of mums say that when they have a second child, they parent very differently to how they did with their first. For starters, it’s much harder to keep track of all the milestones, when there’s another energetic toddler running around.

Cachia’s post resonated with thousands of women, who shared their similar feelings about parenting.


“Wait til you have your fourth you just loose track all together,” wrote one mum, while another said, “Haha so true. I’m about to have baby no. 4 and figure he/she will eat dirt for lunch”.

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Lots of mums said that the ‘secondbabyitis’ phenomenon gets even more intense the more children you have, with one writing, “Lol I so get this !!! Our ‘baby memory’s’ book for 4th child is still in its wrapping”.

Luckily Florence doesn’t seem too bothered by her mums ‘condition’, looking very content in her white bonnet and frankly ridiculous beach accessories.

Checking out the local talent???? Flossys hat: @cachia__ Mumma hat: @mbdthelabel

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Have you experienced secondbabyitis? 

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