Sophie Cachia's home was broken into by a burglar, and she caught it all on camera.

Sophie Cachia has shared some harrowing footage on her social media.

The former AFL WAG and blogger turned successful businesswoman has caught a thief on camera as he broke into her home in a dramatic burglary.

Sophie explained that the burglar took priceless family jewellery from her home, including her mother's wedding rings.

She broadcast the footage to her Instagram in the hope that one of her 260,000 Instagram followers may recognise the assailant. However, he was wearing a mask and hood, so he may be tricky to identify. 

Watch Sophie Cachia talk about turning her 'perfect life' upside down on No Filter with Mia Freedman. Post continues after video.

Video via Mamamia.

"If anyone can recognise this person/their walk, or have any information please get in contact ASAP," asked Sophie.

"The police are all over it after several break-ins in the area. However I thought I might try my luck here to catch this dirty f**k. They have stolen my nan's jewellery, mum's wedding rings she gave me, and pieces I have had made since having the kids/wedding etc. Things I can never get back you a**ehole... 3pm! Broad f**king daylight!!"

Image: @sophiecachia_ 


She obviously hopes that her belongings will be returned to her, either via the police or her own social media investigation, but she also had a message for the thief.

"I just pity them that their life course has led them to such desperate acts." 

Sophie chose to end her post on a positive note: "A positive mindset and we will move forward to make great things this year."

Earlier in 2020, Mia Freedman interview Sophie Cachia on Mamamia's No Filter podcast, where Sophie shared how her dating life is going following her split from her ex-professional AFL husband, Jaryd Cachia.

Listen to that exact No Filter episode, right here. Post continues after podcast.

"I had a beautiful man in my life, I still do. He's an incredible father and an incredible friend to me but why can't women seek more?" she said.

"That married life I realised wasn't what I wanted. And it wasn't that I realised 'oh I like women now, I'm going to leave my marriage', it wasn't that. I realised I wanted more."

The 30-year-old now dates her girlfriend Maddie Garrick - an Australian women's basketball star, and the two often share cute couple snaps on Instagram.

Feature Image: @sophiecachia_

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