Sophie Cachia has shared the first moment her son Bobby met his baby sister.

Late on Saturday evening, Sophie Cachia, known to many as The Young Mummy, gave birth after Snapchatting her 14 hour labour.

The 26-year-old shared an image just before 11pm of her husband, Jaryd, holding their new daughter, Betty. “Introducing B2. Mum and Bub all ok. Has been a long day – will see you all tomorrow xxx,” the exhausted mum wrote.

Image via Snapchat.

Now, on her first morning as a mum-of-two, Cachia has introduced baby Betty to her big brother, two-year-old Bobby.

Complete ????

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The popular blogger captioned the photo, "complete," while both her and her son kiss newborn Betty.

In just under half an hour, the photo has almost 10,000 likes and hundreds of comments of support.

In a second photo, Bobby is pictured laying in bed with his sister, seemingly in awe of her.


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Funnily enough, it was Bobby who insisted he was going to have a baby sister. Cachia and her husband Jaryd, however, were convinced they had another little boy on the way.


"Was that a dream? Did I actually just give birth to a girl?" Cachia wrote on Instagram, the morning after giving birth.

"For two parents who were so convinced they were delivering a boy - Baby Hank - even right up to when bub was put on my chest (and I quickly thought the umbilical cord was a penis) Betty you have blown our minds!!!"

"It took me a few hours to grasp the concept of you because it was like I was looking straight down at Bobby all over again. You are your big brothers twin!!!"

"Absolutely besotted by you darling girl. Look how much your Dad loves you already. This photo truly sums up the quote 'I never realised how much I loved your Daddy until I saw how much he loved you."

We're excited for the family to bring baby Betty home, and wish them the best of luck in welcoming their new family member.

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