"I suck at naming girls." Sophie Cachia is rethinking her daughter's name, for the second time.

Sophie Cachia, AKA The Young Mummy, is worried she’s given her daughter the wrong name.

When the little Cachia was born in January, Sophie initially called her Betty Margaret. Two weeks later she admitted she wasn’t sure about the name and announced on Instagram she was changing it to Florence Betty.

“So y’all want to hear a funny story? My mum & dad f**ked up. Like, bayyyyyyd. Mum was all drugged up and hormonal and started to doubt my sissy’s name as soon as she was born,” she wrote in a post.

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She went on: “It wasn’t that they didn’t LIKE the name anymore, something about her chubby cheeks not suiting it and the feel just wasn’t right. So I’ve been given the gig today to formally RE-introduce my little sister. Mum & Dad say her name is apparently Florence, but me being the boss two year old I am, have chosen to nickname her Flossy which is really sticking.”

Now six months later, The Young Mummy is plagued by the same doubts.

“FACT: my entire life I loved Audrey. I had artwork & posters of her on my walls at home. I was ALWAYS convinced I was going to call my future daughter Audrey. I even begged Jaryd in labour with Bobby to change our Valentina/Florence to Audrey at the last minute if a girl came out,” she wrote in an Instagram post today.

“Funnily enough, I had a girl and Audrey was never in the equation this time,” she continued. “Betty was, then that was wrong. Missy lasted 48 hours, and then she ended Florence Margaret but Margaret was only supposed to be the middle name if she was called Betty, and Florence was always supposed to be Florence Gigi after Jaryd’s sister.”


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Sophie added that she had “f**ked the whole thing up and “sucked at naming girls”.

“So now LEGALLY she’s Florence Margaret but we call her Florence Gigi (ESPECIALLY now since she’s her Aunty Gigi’s mini-twin.”

The post has already been liked over 1500 times, and many parents have chipped in with their own baby naming regret stories.

“Exact same story!! I also suck at naming girls,” one person wrote.

Is your baby name bogan? Post continues…

“Audrey was top on our list too & Frankie was a close second…the in labour I decided on Alfie Rose and then after she was born I switched it to Rose Alfie but she gets called Posie,” another person commented.

“Naming girls is hard! I’ve had four of them & have had serious trouble each time,” added another.

Did you ever regret your child’s name? 

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