EXCLUSIVE: Sophie Cachia comments on Rebecca Judd pulling out of her baby shower just a day before.

A heavily pregnant Sophie Cachia, also known as The Young Mummy, has backed Rebecca Judd in a Facebook Live session with Mamamia producer Katy Hall.

Streaming from her ticketed ‘Boobs, pubes and bump’ baby shower event in Melbourne’s CBD on Thursday, the 26-year-old blogger said she admires Judd for “handling all the criticism that she gets on social media”.

“She just cops it so well, and I think the trolling is just so ridiculous. Bec is a mum of four kids now, and she’s an extremely successful businesswoman.

“[Women like Bec] are so hard working… and it really just shits me to tears because I know them personally.”

Judd was due to appear at Cachia’s event as a “mystery guest”, but pulled out from the commitment the day prior, citing “extenuating circumstances”, or, more aptly, “mum life crap” on her Instagram.


It’s a frank confession that Cachia, who has a colossal online following exceeding 250,000, praised highly.

“Bec’s gone and had twin boys, she’s got four kids now, she can’t make it purely because she’s had to commit to being a mum today and I totally get that. This stuff happens.

“I think it was good that she posted [on Instagram] about why she can’t come today. I think it’s beautiful that she’s not portraying that perfect mum who can do everything. She’s just said, ‘Nup, it’s too much today, I can’t do it’, and I think that’s great.”

Another well-known mother the social media influencer applauded is Australia’s Next Top Model judge and close friend, Megan Gale.

“Our partners played football together and we ended up getting pregnant at the same time, which brought us together because our boys were born two weeks apart.

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“I admire her so much as an amazingly successful businesswoman. I also see her manage, first hand, her career, but also her endless and undying love for her little boy.”

Cachia, who is currently 32 weeks along, decided her baby shower would be “a party with a conscience”, with all proceeds raised on the day going to a charity close to her heart, St Kilda Mums.

The organisation, which aims to recycle equipment and baby essentials to disadvantaged families, relies entirely on funding from the public.

The soon to be mum-of-two is aiming to raise a whopping $30,000, which would be the largest single donation in the charity’s seven-year history.

To donate to the cause, click here.

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