Photos of this famous child are our greatest weakness.

OK. We’re going to be straight with you here. When Zoe Foster Blake and Hamish had their son, Sonny, we lost our minds a little bit.

We posted every photo we could get our hands on. The cuteness was simply too much for us. Resistance was futile.

But to be fair, we’ve been pretty good about our Sonny Photograph addiction lately.

Then. Zoe broke our resolve and forced us to share this photo with you. Because it’s too sweet not to.

That’s husband Hamish, son Sonny, and ridiculous cat friend Meowbert.

If they do become a boy band, we’ll pre-order all their singles.

Anyway, now that we’ve allowed ourselves to look at photos of Sonny again, why stop at one?

Here he is as a stripey bear.

Here he is as a koala.

And here he is as a fierce jungle tiger wrangler.