Sonny Foster-Blake celebrates his first birthday in style.

Now that’s our kind of birthday suit; the edible kind.

Sonny Foster-Blake, son of Hamish Blake and Zoe Foster-Blake, has celebrated his first birthday in style. And when we say style, we mean ‘the-cutest-baby-outfit-glum-expression-adorable-hat-and-cake-decorated-body-ever’.

Don’t believe us? Take a look.

Former Mamamia Beauty Editor and founder of Go-To skin care, Zoe Foster-Blake described the look on her Instagram as ‘nude businessman party baby’, which sums it up rather well.

The businessman baby can now add ‘elite cake destroyer’ to his already impressive resume.

This is what the magnificent cake looked like before he got his hands on it:

Almost naked and covered in cake. It’s every man’s dream, and Sonny’s achieved it at just one-year-old.

Such a high achiever.

Want more hilarious photos of Sonny on his recent trip to New York? Check out our gallery below: 

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Just when you thought we’d stopped sharing picture of Sonny Foster-Blake…

How did you celebrate your child’s first birthday?