Sonny Blake was caught twerking in his latest video.

What is it about chubby cheeks and roly poly arms on babies that makes us all swoon?

Sonny Blake (funny-man Hamish and his writer/skincare creator/life guru wife Zoe Foster Blake’s child) is the epitome of cuteness. We’ve known this for awhile now.

The pictures his doting parents upload to Instagram earn thousands of likes because of just how damn likeable they are.

For instance, picking up a box of cronuts never looked so good:

And while yes, Nutella-filled doughnuts are a thing of beauty, it was Zoe's next post of Sonny twerking that really garnered some attention.

Maybe because of the accurate hip hop music blasting in the background. Or because his knowing "look how good I am" stare. Either way, every mother/aunty/cat in the area has tagged their friends in the post so NO ONE misses out.

WATCH the video below...

We hope he attempts the macerena next time.

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