Sonny Blake has just proved there is nothing cuter than a toddler learning to say "I reckon".

It seems Australia’s most famous and social-media-literate toddler has once again proved he is about three more videos off being more well-known than his famous parents.

Sonny Blake, son of Hamish and Zoe and star of all of those Instagram videos we simply won’t stop writing about and bringing to your attention, has hit our news feeds once again.

This time, the two-year-old invites his dad to go and play outside in his cubby house and although we’re not selling it very well and on paper it doesn’t sound all that remarkable, trust us in knowing that, really, it very much is.

You reckon? I reckon.

A video posted by Hamish Blake (@hamishblakeshotz) on

Is there anything much cuter than a two-year-old learning how to speak? We think not. And it seems we are not alone in thinking that.

Fans were quick to jump on the Sonny Blake train, as always, with the comment section of the post accruing almost as many comments as there were likes.

“I can’t stop watching this. He is so sweet,” one fan wrote.

“I’ve watched this at least 30 times he is so cute,” another wrote.

Meanwhile, one fan decided Sonny Blake was the cure for all their hungover pain.

“I need one of these Sonny things for when I’m hungover and hating life,” they said.

You’re welcome. You can proceed with your weekend now.