Sonny Blake is the most confused toddler in the world right now. And it’s all dad’s fault.

Life can be pretty confusing for a toddler. Especially when your parents’ jobs are less-than-conventional. For two-year-old Sonny, the son of Hamish Blake and Zoe Foster Blake, there have been a number of perplexing moments.

There was the time he visited Singapore and thought that maybe he had been propelled into the future.

"I'm in Singapore and things look different." Image via Instagram.

There was the time his ice cream started melting, and he just didn't...understand.

Advertisement "It's all over my face." Image via Instagram.

Then there was the time his family cat arrived home in some sort of weird cat bag, and he just wanted to hear about all her adventures.

"What happened out there?" Image via Instagram.

But now, Sonny's confusion has reached an all time high. Because yesterday, he watched on as his 34-year-old dad dressed up as a chicken named Layla, and dramatically gave birth to an egg that wins a lucky listener either a beer or $1000.

The logic behind this segment on the Hamish and Andy show escapes even the brightest among us - but for Sonny, with his little square feet and chubby hands, it was just so mystifying.

"Why is my Dad dressed up as a chicken?" we imagine he wondered. "Why is he dancing? Why is he groaning? Why did he just lay an egg?"

"Why is Andy unscrewing the egg? Why are people yelling? Why am I in this strange place? Why is my dad behind a glass wall? Why is Mummy laughing? Why do my shoes feel so tight? Why do I always need to wear pants? TAKE ME HOME PLS."

Thankfully, Zoe Foster Blake put the entire experience on Snapchat so we could fully empathise with the plight of a bewildered, but also somewhat excited, Sonny.

Here's a step-by-step summary of what happened when Sonny visited his dad's work... And what we think was running through the tot's mind.

1. "Oh, there's Dad! But it's a chicken. But it's also my Dad.'s definitely a chicken."

Image via Snapchat: Zoe Foster Blake.

2. "It's smiling and shaking his tail. I'm confused. But I also like it. I'm going to bounce up and down in an attempt to express my mixed emotions."

Image via Snapchat: Zoe Foster Blake.

3. "Is this the zoo? Why is Dad on the other side of this glass? Why can't I come in? Wait... I still don't understand why he's being a chicken?"

Image via Snapchat: Zoe Foster Blake.


Image via Snapchat: Zoe Foster Blake.

4. "WAIT...let me stay he's laying an egg now."

Image via Snapchat: Zoe Foster Blake.

6. "Oh goodness Mummy. Look at the nest!"

Image via Snapchat: Zoe Foster Blake.

7. "I may not know many things, but I know for sure that my Dad is a chicken."

Image via Snapchat: Zoe Foster Blake.

8. "This has been the best day of my life."

Image via Snapchat: Zoe Foster Blake.

Sonny Blake sure has an interesting life. Meeting Layla the chicken was probably just like any other day for Australia's favourite toddler.

But you have to wonder what a two-year-old makes of such a confusing experience. I'm just really hoping he left his dad's work thinking: "When I grow up, I want to be a chicken."


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