Sonny Blake had his first ever haircut. His glorious curls are a distant memory.

You guys, this is a big day. It’s a momentous day. One that almost brings a tear to the eye. One that makes you sit back and this ‘Gosh darn, the time just flies now doesn’t it?’

Sonny Blake (the cherub-like son of the WORLD’S ULTIMATE POWER COUPLE, Hamish Blake and Zoe Foster Blake) has trimmed his golden locks. Yes, the people’s child has received his very first haircut.

Given that we’re treated to Insta snaps of his chubby cheeks on a weekly basis, it almost feels like Sonny is our nephew, or the next door neighbour’s cute kid, doesn’t it? It so totally does.

Anyway, we’re all in a agreement that this is a pretty huge moment. And it’s suitably a-freakin-dorable.

Cuteness Level: Infinite. Source: Instagram.

"First haircut a success! Now for the perm and a few youthful highlights." Foster-Blake wittily captioned the photo. (Seriously, can someone teach us how to Zoe Foster? We just want to know how to Zoe Foster at life.)

As a hairdresser once told us, to have a perm you need hair that almost touches your shoulders. Otherwise, it just doesn't work. So... well... we decided to give Sonny a lil' bit of assistance in the 'growing shoulder-length hair' department (with the help of MS Paint, of course).


We even gave him some snazzy earrings to match the 'do (you're welcome).

Let's try out some other variations, shall we?

Source: Instagram/Altered Image.

Regardless of how much hair little Sonny has, he'll always look adorable no matter what.

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