Sonia Kruger thought she was dying. Turns out it was a very natural part of motherhood.

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If there’s one thing Sonia Kruger is known for – it is keeping it real and being honest.

Kruger, who gave birth to her daughter, Maggie, in January, was very open about the struggles she faced when trying to conceive. She announced in August last year that she was expecting a baby with her partner, Craig McPherson, with the help of an egg donation from a friend and IVF.

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“I wanted to be really clear on the show with our viewers and let everyone know that I did go through IVF and I did have an egg donor… I have a very good friend who basically gave me an egg and that’s how this pregnancy came about,” Kruger said on the Today show.

Sonia and Maggie. (Image via Instagram/SoniaKruger)

And now she's opened up about another reality of becoming a mother, in her usual hilarious way.

"I woke up in a lather of sweat, after stumbling to the toilet I was making my way back to bed when a chill descended on my body and I could not stop shaking," she explained to Woman With Drive.

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"I was convinced I had contracted an Ebola-like infection that was about to kill me."

When she spoke to the nurse and found out what was actually happening, she thought it was "hilarious". The pain was actually associated with her milk coming in. Why does no one tell you this about motherhood? (Post continues after gallery.)


Kruger also spoke about how bittersweet this year has been for her, telling the program that her daughter has helped her to heal after her father, Adrian, passed away in June.

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"My final memories of him are precious because he got to spend time with Maggie and see how she had changed my life," Kruger told Woman With Drive.

"His funeral saw an enormous turnout of friends and family and among them all was Maggie, beaming her beautiful five-month-old smile at anyone who looked in her direction, and reminding us all that life goes on."

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What is a reality of motherhood that you were unaware of?

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