This parody campaign for Sonia Kruger to win a Gold Logie is raising eyebrows.

The US election might be over, but expect to see a new campaign video in your social feeds over the next couple of days.

A campaign video that calls for Sonia Kruger to win the Gold Logie.

Launched on The Today Show‘s social media channels and voiced (in an American accent) by Kruger’s Today Extra co-host David Campbell, the tongue-in-cheek clip calls for viewers to “right one of Australia’s wrongs and make advertorial television great again.

“Vote for Sonia Kruger.”

The video, posted this afternoon, pokes fun at the fact that Kruger is yet to have won a Logie (of any colour) despite a long, varied career on the small screen.

“She’s hosted every major prime-time show, some of which even rated,” Campbell says.

“Presenting more than 4,000,632 hours of national television, Sonia Kruger puts the ‘over’ into ‘[over]exposed’. And she needs a Logie.”

There are also digs at former winners Karl Stefanovic and Scott Cam – “almost anyone can win a Logie” – as well as Kruger’s sartorial selection for last year’s event:

“Even going dressed as a Logie didn’t help her bring one home. Mainly because she wasn’t nominated.”


Dressed for the Logies, or as one? Image: Getty.

The video is clearly light-hearted, but some social media users aren't seeing the funny side.

Several pointed to the controversial comments Kruger made during a panel discussion on Today Extra earlier this year in which she called for an end to Muslim immigration.

Prompted by an article written by conservative columnist Andrew Bolt that drew parallels between the terrorist attacks in France and the influx of Muslim immigrants, Kruger said: “Personally, I would like to see it (Muslim migration) stop now for Australia.”

Kruger subsequently issued an on-air apology. But it seems the damage was done.

But Kruger was quick to respond to the critics, issuing a reminder via social media that the parody video deployed by Channel 9 this afternoon was purely "a mock campaign".

"We are kidding people," she wrote.

"Do not deploy the life rafts."