Why Sonia Kruger has mysteriously disappeared from our screens after her shocking comments.

Reports were circulating this morning with suspicions about Sonia Kruger’s job at Channel Nine after outrage was sparked over her comments regarding Muslim immigration and “reverse discrimination” on Today Extra.

Concerned that the TV host had been “shipped off”, the Sydney Morning Herald got in touch with Channel Nine management to confirm her fate.

However, Channel Nine has told the publication that Kruger has not been taken off screens — rather, she is on annual leave.

According to the network, her leave had been requested well before she made any of her controversial comments.

For the past fortnight, Kruger and her family have been holidaying, partly to celebrate her birthday.

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Channel Nine has also confirmed to the Sydney Morning Herald that her contract is not under consideration, with the spokesperson saying any rumours she has left are “not correct”.

Concerns about the 51-year-old’s future on TV have been swirling since she made her now infamous comments correlating Muslim immigration and the rise of terrorism.

Following outrage, the host refused to recant her statements, believing that she shouldn’t automatically be labelled a racist.

Just a week later, when asked about university scholarships being provided to LGBTQI students, she stated it was “odd” and an example of reverse discrimination.

Despite Channel Nine defending Kruger’s position, there is still speculation she may not be returned as host of The Voice.

Shine, the production company behind the talent show, are yet to make any promises on her career with them.

Former co-host of The Voice, Darren McMullen, has hit back at Kruger’s comments, calling them “silly decisions”.

“I find it a bit hilarious when people who invaded a country centuries ago and claimed it as their own then start trying to close up the borders and keep everyone out. I’m not a guy who believes in borders, I really don’t,” he said.

“As soon as you start segregating people and saying ‘well, you have no right to call this place your home, this is my patch of land because my parents happened to have sex here, and I happened to have been born here, that I have more rights to live in this country than you …’ it’s absolutely absurd, utterly absurd.”

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