Sonia Kruger and Todd McKenney might have a baby together.

Screenshot_01 News broke today in the Australian Women’s Weekly that Todd McKenney has offered to have a baby with Sonia Kruger. If she wants to.

Background if you need it: Todd and Sonia are best friends and have been since they were 17. They had a brief fling years ago. Todd is gay. Todd has a daughter with another close female friend who lives in Melbourne. Sonia is recently divorced…..

Sonia and Todd are both 44.



AAP reports:

Todd McKenney has asked his Dancing With The Stars and radio co-host Sonia Kruger to have his baby.

openly gay performer fathered a daughter with a female friend in 2007
and now wants Kruger to be the mother of his second child, he told The Australian Women’s Weekly.

“She doesn’t have any kids of her own and I am desperate to have another,” the 44-year-old told the magazine. “I
would only do this again with someone I truly care about, so I have
asked Sonia to have a child with me and sort of left it (the idea)
hanging there.

“I don’t want to pressure her, but I am serious.” Kruger has yet to give McKenney an answer but appears to be considering the proposal.”The
thing about Todd is that I know he would be the greatest support to me,
which is what you need if you are to go ahead and have children,”
Kruger told the magazine.

This story was written
by my close friend Wendy Squires who interviewed Todd and Sonia for the story and
got the scoop on their possible future baby (Wendy has also written a
book which you can read about here

I’ve been looking forward to it being published because I thought it would make an excellent post and I’m curious to know what you think. Me? I’m all for it. As I’ve said repeatedly, anyone who has to try extra hard to have a babyvia surrogacy or adoption or IVF etc is highly likely to be a good parent because they’ve given it a great deal of thought and gone to a great deal of trouble to have a baby. As opposed to, you know, just having sex…

The part where they’re not a couple and the part where Tod is gay? Well neither of those things are in any way an impediment to them being great parents. Lordy, if being hetrosexual and married were a guarantee, DOCS would be out of buisness. The point being? I think it’s a wonderful thing to challenge public preconceptions of what a modern nuclear family looks like.

Would you have a baby with  your gay best friend if you were single, wanted a baby and time was running out? I would.


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