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1. Son allegedly killed father after fight over computer use.

A 20-year-old man has allegedly stabbed his father to death in a fight said to be over his use of the computer.

Daniel Chapman, 20, was arrested Sunday night at his home in Moorebank in Sydney’s southwest.

Police alleged that Daniel stabbed his father, Stephen John Chapman, 56, to death after a fight over Daniel’s computer use.

“I believe the son uses it (the computer) quite regularly, and when he’s asked to come to the dinner table he continued on the computer,” detective Chief Inspector Ken Hardie, of the Liverpool local area command, said.

Police say as the argument escalated one of them disconnected the home internet cable and Chapman then grabbed a knife and began to stab his father.

Daniels’ mother then intervened and asked Daniel to run to a neighbour and ask for emergency services to be called. But the 56-year-old could not be revived by paramedics and died on the way to hospital.

Chapman who studied at Granville TAFE, was formally refused bail yesterday.

“All I can say is that it is a real tragedy for the family,” lawyer Adam Ly said adding it was particularly hard on Chapman’s mother.

“Very, very sad, particularly for her with a son in jail and a husband who is now deceased,” he said. “It’s quite sad.”

2. Kim Kardashian arrives back in New York with more security than POTUS.

A day after she was robbed at gunpoint in her Paris apartment, losing millions of dollar’s worth of jewellery, Kim Kardashian has arrived back in New York.

TMZ reports that Kardashian, her husband, Kanye, and mother Kris Jenner and Corey Gamble pulled up outside their residence with “10 vehicles with 15-20 bodyguards watching everything and everyone in the area, and NYPD’s also on the scene.”

“The amount of security is exactly like what you see when POTUS makes an appearance,” TMZ reports.

Kim’s bodyguard, Pascal Duvier, who was not at the apartment when the robbery took place was still with them.

3. Woman woke up to sex attack while she was in bed with her husband and baby.

A man is on bail after pleading guilty to five charges including sexual assault, theft, and aggravated burglary after he broken into a woman’s home and climbed into bed with her while she was sleeping and attacked her on July 24.

Lang Kouth, 19, was on bail when he broke into the couple’s home and sexually assaulted the sleeping woman, whose baby daughter was also in the room.

Detective Senior Constable Luke Smith said the couple’s 17-month-old daughter had been asleep in the room when Kouth attacked his victim, 21 reports The Herald Sun.

“The accused began kissing and biting (the woman) on the lips, neck and face quite aggressively. He was also rubbing himself up against (the woman) in a sexual way,” Sen-Det Smith said.


“(The woman) then reached behind and felt the accused’s hair, realising that the person kissing, biting and rubbing her was not her partner.

“She opened her eyes and screamed in horror. The victim was terrified and felt sick that someone was in her room, in her bed, touching her.”

At the time of the attack Kouth had been on two sets of bail over drug charges and a fight.

He is due back in court next month.

4. Nine Aussies jailed in Malaysia for stripping down to their undies.

Nine Australians at Malaysia’s Formula One racing circuit have been jailed after stripping down to reveal their underpants featuring Malaysia’s national flag.

The men, aged 25 to 29, stripped off their clothes at the track at Sepang, near Kuala Lumpur’s international airport, at around 5pm on Sunday.

The group, celebrating the win of Australian Daniel Ricciardo, chanted “Aussie Aussie Aussie, oi oi oi” for several minutes, after stripping down to their Malaysian flag undies, wrapped themselves in Australian flags, poured beer into their shoes and drank from them, before posing for photos with fellow spectators.

Sepang district police chief Abdul Aziz Ali said the men would be held in jail for at least four days while further action against them is considered.

Chief executive officer of the Sepang International Circuit Datuk Razlan Razali told New Straits Times the Australian men deserve to be “locked up, investigated and taken action against” reports the ABC.

5. Many gluten free products not gluten free at all.

It has been revealed that about 14 percent of imported ‘gluten-free’ foods do not apply with Australian standards.

Gastroenterologist Geoff Forbes, a clinical professor at the University of WA, said those foods contained certain proteins that they shouldn’t.

In an analysis of 169 imported food products labelled “gluten-free” published in the The Medical Journal of Australia, researchers detected gluten in 24 products, albeit in “extremely low levels”.

Crackers, bread, biscuits, cereals, flour, grains, condiments, sauces, spices, pasta, drinks, soups, snacks and confectionery were among the products tested, originating from Europe, Asia and North and South America.

Professor Forbes also conceded he thought it would be a lot worse.

He is urging Australian authorities to revise standards to allow for up to one part per million of gluten compared to “no detectable gluten” reports The West Australian.

Professor Forbes said the low levels of gluten detected during the study (20 products had less than one part per million of gluten, three had one part per million and one had 1.1 parts per million) would be safe for people with coeliac disease.


“The standard in Australia is impractical and the international standard is too lax,” Professor Forbes said.

“Here in Australia, there is a food standard out there of ‘no detectable gluten’ that is not being enforced.”

6. Woman died after a scratch on her hand.

A mother-of-two has died after a scratch on her hand that she received while gardening turned septic.

Lucy Smith, 44, from, Essex in the UK went to the doctors complaining of a pain in the shoulder.

The Telegraph reports that her GP diagnosed a trapped nerve and prescribed antidepressants.

Just days later Ms Smith’s fingers and arms had begun to swell and she was in severe pain, she was taken to hospital where she was diagnosed with sepsis and died a few days later.

Ms Smith has two children Megan, nine, and George, six. Her sister pleased with people not to be complacent with sepsis.

“Don’t underestimate this prolific killer,” her sister Caroline said.

“Every year in the UK there are 150,000 cases of Sepsis, resulting in a staggering 44,000 deaths — more than bowel, breast and prostate cancer combined.”

7. Apprentice staff say Trump was sexist and used to rate women’s bodies.

Donald Trump has been accused by ex-contestants and staff on The Apprentice of sexism, according to an Associated Press investigation.

More than 20 people interviewed described Mr Trump’s behaviour toward women as crass and inappropriate.

A former producer, Katherine Walker, said Mr Trump often talked about women’s bodies and commented on which female contestants he thought would be good in bed.

A former crew member said Mr Trump’s comments were made on camera and later edited out of the show.

“If there was a break in the conversation, he would then look at one of the female cast members, saying ‘you’re looking kind of hot today, I love that dress on you,’ then he would turn to one of the male cast members and say ‘wouldn’t you sleep with her?’ and then everyone would laugh.

“There would be about 10 or 12 cameras rolling and getting that footage, which is why everybody was like, this guy just doesn’t care.”

Another crew member said that Mr Trump often asked male contestants to rate the attractiveness of their female counterparts.

Mr Trump’s campaign dismissed the allegations.

Spokeswoman Hope Hicks said they were “outlandish, unsubstantiated and totally false”.

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