Son gets 12 months' jail for bashing mother found dead on bed.

A 42-year-old man whose mother was found dead on her bed after he bashed her in the Mid West WA city of Geraldton has been sentenced to 12 months’ imprisonment.

Damian Michael Reilly had earlier pleaded guilty in the Perth District Court to endangering the life, health or safety of his 69-year-old mother Gloria Anne Reilly.

The court was told Reilly shoved his mother in the chest during an argument in November 2015 at their Geraldton home, 400 kilometres north of Perth.

Reilly held her down until she told him she told him she was unable to breathe, the court heard.

Ms Reilly suffered from chronic heart and lung conditions.

Reilly released her and left the home, returning more than an hour later to find his mother lying lifeless on her bed.

Authorities originally charged Reilly with unlawful assault causing death, but there was not enough evidence to directly link the assault to Ms Reilly’s death, and the charge was downgraded.

History of alcohol abuse

The court heard that before the incident, Reilly had been drinking with his brother.

Defence lawyer Ryan Arndt said his client had a long history of alcohol abuse and was affected by physiological and social difficulties in the lead up to the offence.

Judge Andrew Stavrianou said a psychological report had found Reilly had appeared to suffer from mental health challenges for a number of years.

“I accept you do have psychological issues,” he said.

“You’ve had a difficult childhood and come from a difficult background, primarily due to your mother’s condition.”

But police said he was aware of his mother’s frail condition and made no attempt to help the injured woman.

Reilly was sentenced to 12 months’ jail, backdated to November last year when he was initially taken into custody.

He will be released today, Mr Arndt told the ABC.

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