Some people can't let go of their phone long enough to orgasm

Turns out nothing is sexier than a new round of Instagram likes.

new study from Harris Interactive found that 9 percent of adults surveyed use their smartphones during sex. And a whopping 72 percent of users admitted that they have their phone within two metres of them at all times. So perhaps it's not that surprising that 12 percent said that their phone interferes with their relationship

We love technology as much as the next person — it connects us with far-away friends and family, helps us sneak out of work early and delivers an endless stream of adorable puppy videos. But it's possible that we're forgetting what it means to be intimate, and why it might be worth it to unplug sometimes. Or at least keep your phone more than two metres away.

So, whatever you're doing with your phone in bed (seriously — what are you doing?), it can probably wait. Unless you're using a vibrator app. Then feel free to continue.