Some models ARE hungry.

It’s not fair to accuse every slim model of having an eating disorder. But it would also be naive – and irresponsible – to claim that all models are naturally thin. Some aren’t.

Last month, the Council of Fashion Designers of America held a forum called: "The Beauty of Health: How the fashion industry can make a difference."

Internationally successful model Coco Rocha made a brave speech in which she described the typical day of a model:

"She wakes up in the
morning, goes to the bathroom to take a shower and runs by the
full-length mirror because she can’t bare to look at herself naked. She
only weighs 104 pounds, but all she can think is, I need to be thinner.

She hurries to her first show, where she promises herself she’ll eat a
few grapes. But when she gets there, there’s nothing but pastries.

First looks are called, she puts on her dress and it takes three people
to zip her up. The dresser makes a joke, ‘We almost had to call the
agency and tell them you didn’t fit.’ All the girl can think is, I
better not eat until tomorrow."

According to website Fashionologie:

Rocha admitted that the job comes with some very unhealthy
habits.  Two years ago, she weighed 108 pounds (at 5’10"), and yet
people were stilling telling her "you need to lose more weight.  The
look this year is anorexic.  We don’t want you to be anorexic, we just
want you to look it."  Even crazier, an agent once advised her to throw
up after meals.

Eventually, she submitted to the pressure.  "Last season I took
diuretic pills. Once I took so many on an empty stomach that I was
doubled over for hours. That’s the last time I ever did something so
terrible to my body."  She asked designers to provide healthier food at
their shows — "No one wants to be caught with that photo ‘Model Eats
Cake’" — and to make their fit models, and therefore their sample
sizes, bigger — models are humiliated when zippers won’t zip up at

Isn’t it great we have a new model contest to watch – Make me a Supermodel – terrific news!