I'm mesmerised by this super sexy makeup style

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There’s a hashtag that’s been dominating my beauty imagination lately. And no, it’s not the #makeupfreeselfie. In fact, it’s quite the opposite.

This look is so makeup-heavy its acolytes look retouched. We’re talking spac-filler foundation, false eyelashes and hardcore contouring. And yet, kind of… not.

I’m talking about #softglam. Think Kardashian-style red carpet makeup, but with neutral colours on the lids and lips, rather than dark, smouldering eye shadows and ‘look at me!’ lipsticks.

Soft glam is going for the full-blown ‘mask of makeup’ effect (the ‘glam’ part), and then pulling back at the very last second (the ‘soft’ part).

It’s an incredibly sexy way of giving face. It takes advantage of all the wonders of contouring and highlighting, without engaging with the ‘fashion’ side of beauty – colour selection.

Soft glam is the makeup equivalent of a body-con Hervé Leger dress. The look is almost bridal, but without the innocence. Check out some makeup artists and home-brewed beauty gurus who have nailed the look:

This is the kind of makeup you wear because boys will like it. Not full-on porn star face, but definitely more Sports Illustrated than Vogue.

A full-on sexy face is something every woman should have up her sleeve, because sometimes you just want to look like a Basic Babe. Which is why we’re giving this look a big thumbs up.

The trick to this style is to apply the same amount of makeup you would if you were going to a costume party dressed as Ru Paul, but use shades that are close to your natural skin colour, instead of intense and unnatural reds, blacks and blues. If your eyes are beginning to look too dark or smoky, stop and go lighter.

Highlighter, on the other hand, can be used with a wild abandon. Put it on your nose. On your cupid’s bow. On your cheek tops. Under your eyebrows. Basically highlight everything on your face that is vaguely protuberant – all those shimmery bits are part of the ‘soft’ factor.

After I fell down the #softglam hole for several hours, this is the best tutorial I could find for the look.

If you’re brave enough to give it a shot, share the results with us!

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