A complete styling guide if you're a soft autumn.

Picture a comforting light, the warm Aussie outback at dawn or a diffused sunshine descending into the horizon. This is soft autumn. 

This warm-neutral colour palette sits between true autumn and soft summer on the seasonal flow chart and is characterised by its low-value depth and abundance of softness. 

How to tell if you're soft autumn.

Soft autumn is categorised as the following: neutral-warm hue, medium value and muted chroma. 

Neutral warm hue: The colours are neutral-warm so they will contain more yellow than blue undertones (the coolest colour of all). Only warmer shades of blue will appear, like turquoise, which has a hint of yellow. There is an abundance of yellows, greens and warm browns that are naturally yellow-based.

Medium value: Colours fall right in the middle of the value scale so no hue is too light or too dark. 

Muted chroma: This is the most dominant feature of soft autumn types and refers to low saturation. Whatever your skin tone or eye colour, there is moderate to low contrast between your features. For example, if you were to take a black-and-white photo, there would be little extremes in colouring. So, your features have an understated warmth without one aspect dominating your appearance. 

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What is soft autumn's colour palette?

Soft autumn's best colours include:

  • Soft pinks: Blush, rose and mauve

  • Neutrals: Beige, cream, ivory, mustard yellow, cream and brown

  • Rustic orange and red: Burgundy, terracotta, bronze, rust and clay

  • Deep green: Olive and khaki

  • Soft blue and grey: Gentle navy and warm cloudy grey

On the other side of the spectrum, the colours to avoid if you're soft autumn include:

  • Vibrant colours like fluorescent oranges and pinks

  • Dark colours like deep purples and blues

  • Cool stark colours like black and white

Building a soft autumn colour palette is an easy process when you focus on this season's best colours. Here's an example of what a soft autumn's colour palette might look like: 

Base colour: Beige or khaki

Light neutral: Ivory or cream

Dark neutral: Warm navy or milk chocolate brown

Main colour: A warm red or a soft green

Accent colours: Mustard yellow, muted teal or rose pink


Celebrities with a soft autumn colour palette.

Some notable people with a soft autumn colour palette include Kate Upton, Emma Stone and Lucy Boynton. These individuals are often associated with this colour palette because of their warm, muted colouring. Of course, they can also sway between all three autumn palettes, depending on their styling choices.

Styling tips for soft autumn.

Stick to neutrals: Replace your black wardrobe with dark browns, warm greys and greens, and instead of wearing plain white clothes, know that you’ll shine even brighter in off-whites, beiges and sand colours. 

Harmonious patterns are your friend: You can still wear patterns, however, ensure all colours in the pattern are harmonious and contain soft autumn colours. Opt for patterns with a low and natural contrast as opposed to ones that are bold and contain high contrast between the elements. 

Soft-curved shapes: Geometric patterns, big elements and clustered patterns look cool but unfortunately, that’s not your soft autumn vibe. Instead, gentle shapes like circles and ovals, as well as natural elements like leaves, small flowers and clouds that are loosely arranged all fall under soft autumn.


Glam up with accessories: Just because you want to avoid bright and shiny metals and bling, it doesn't mean you can’t indulge in all jewellery. Instead, pair your outfits with accessories in soft yellow gold, rose gold, warm silver, amber and bronze. 

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Beauty tips for soft autumn.

Base: Embrace a natural look and rock the minimalist no-makeup makeup trend. Opt for a matte glow with a sheer sweep of bronzer instead of a creamy and glossy look. 

Eyes: Swap your black eyeliner and mascara for ones in brown or black-brown. Soft tan eyeshadows can create a simple base and can be layered with an espresso or smoky bronze for added dimension. 

Blush: A light earthy rose will become your most-used product.

Lipstick: Brown-based lipsticks in muted tones of cinnamon or warm blush are great for everyday wear. If you’re after a bold lip, chestnut, mocha or coral red is definitely not off the cards.

Final thoughts on soft autumn.

Wondering if you're a soft autumn? If you find that warm, neutral and muted colours complement your features, you might fall into this colour palette. Of course, this shouldn't deter you from wearing colours you love but aren't classified as soft autumn. After all, your unique colour palette should naturally uplift your appearance and confidence. 


If you're looking to expand your palette, you can also consider the sister seasons of soft autumn: soft summer and true autumn.

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