Sofia Vergara is a stone cold genius.

Is Sofia Vergara engaged to that guy? Joe Man-hunk-alo? Is that his name?

She’s wearing a big old sparkler on her special engagement finger, as you can see here:

Sofia Vergara is not engaged to Joe Man-hunk-erino-ello.

She just pranked the entire world to promote her own jewellery line.

You can see it in her face – Sofia knew that if she walked out of the house with a giant diamond on the right finger, the gossip world would lose its mind and her photograph would appear everywhere with a close-up of that beautiful ring. She’s even holding her hand in such a way as to show it off perfectly – and paired it with a matching necklace.

The woman is a stone cold genius.

Courtesy of Perez Hilton:

Sofia Vergara, we bow down at your perfectly manicured feet.

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