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FLUFF: Sofia Vergara is dating an equally attractive famous person.

Sofia Vergara has been photographed standing next to an extremely handsome man. She is single. Therefore, these two good-looking humans must be dating. They simply must.

The 41-year-old Modern Family actress has been dating True Blood star Joe Manganiello for a couple of weeks.

Sofia split from her fiance, Nick Loeb, in May. But apparently she met Joe at the Whitehouse Correspondents’ Dinner (that annual event where President Obama proves how funny he can be in front of all the journalisters) and they got together since.

Here, look at the only currently existing evidence that these two hot people are getting in on:


We forgot about the anonymous “insider” who has confirmed this relationship.

How rude of us. How very dare we.

Someone who did not give their name or how they know the couple has said this:

“It’s very, very new. They’re having fun and getting to know each other.”

Sounds legit. Let’s all scratch SOFIA + JOE into wet cement on our way home.

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