So I KNOW I can dance.

I can’t believe we haven’t discussed So You Think You Can Dance. Because I haven’t been this fixated on a reality show – hell, ANY show – since the first series of Big Brother with Sara-Marie.
This show is gold and I live for it. It’s hard to say what’s my favourite part but I’ll try to keep it to a brief summary:

1. Matt’s hat. It’s so jaunty.
2. Everything about Jason. I am obsessed with him in a platonic way. I just want him to be on TV constantly, reading the news, the weather, doing breakfast, starring in Cashmere Mafia (that’s the only way I might actually watch that show….)
3. The dancers. I am bereft when they are eliminated. I can’t comprehend I will never again see Cassy and Marko and Camilla and Sermsah.
4. The dancing. It feels a bit like I’ve done exercise after watching them leap about for an hour.
5. The new words I now use in casual conversation. Like Chorry.
6. Natalie’s hair. I barely recognise her from show to show and that’s fun.
7. The costumes. I would very much like to own them so I could play dress ups in the privacy of my bedroom.
8. The dancers’ make-up. It never smudges even when they are sweaty. And I love that they all got their teeth bleached so their smiles are flourescent.

I could go on. I’m no fan of Idol. Any 15 year old born with some talent can be a star and they all end up looking and sounding the same to me. But with SYTYCD, these are professionals who have spent YEARS honing their craft. They’re athletes and their bodies and styles are all so different. And how much more articulate are they than Idol contestants, let alone Big Brother ones…..
I also love how I am now a dance expert and the fourth judge. “She soooo out-danced him” I announce confidently, slightly surprised when a real judge doesn’t back me up.

I do dearly hope there will be a live show that tours the country. Sign me up for the front row of that.
There’s a story in today’s paper by a famous choreographer who says the show is ‘hideous’ and ‘a fast-food version of dance’. Jealous? Methinks so.

More behind-the-scenes videos after the jump…..

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