There's something refreshing about Snez's first Instagram endorsement.

She didn’t “wake up like this”. And she’s happy to share.

How does Snezana, winner of Bachelor Sam Wood‘s body and heart, wind down after a busy week of promoting #truelove in Sydney? By flying back to Perth and spending a bit of time on her mind, soul and… face.

Snezana Markoski, 34, is Ridiculously Good Looking, something that commonly prompts her Instagram followers to comment “ugh, wish I looked like this at 34” every time she uploads a selfie.

Happily, in a world where pretending that having a wrinkle-free forehead is the result of sunscreen and drinking lots of water (thank you, Nicole Kidman, we’ll try that), Snez hasn’t drunk the Kool Aid .

“After a busy week it felt great to revive my tired skin with an intense facial treatment,” she wrote alongside a photo of her face.

She tagged a company called Dermedica, a clinic in Perth that specialises in “cosmetic medicine”. They’re known for their wrinkle fillers and lip fillers, but also offer a range of facials and non-surgical options. Obviously, we do not know which treatment Snez enjoyed.

Celebrity Instagram endorsements are nothing new. In fact they make up a large part of Kim Kardashian’s business plan, and clearly Snez is a quick learner.

But whatever you think of the idea of scoring freebies for social media mentions, we’re kind of impressed that Snez is not pretending she “woke up like this”. Because seriously, who does?

Click through the gallery below for more photos of Snezana.