Snezana Markoski's DIY hair colour job didn't quite go to plan.

There’s a reason I don’t let myself dye my own hair. It has very little to do with the fact I can afford for someone else do it for me, and a lot to do with the various at-home disasters that plagued my adolescence.

So, when Snezana Markoski posted on Instagram about her own hair disaster on Tuesday, I had nothing but total empathy for her situation. Sure, I hadn’t quite experienced exactly the same thing, but when I was 17 I did fall victim to the now blacklisted trend of dying the bottom half of your hair a yellowy-blonde, making me look more ‘badly patterned tiger’ than anything else.

So, I felt her pain.

Writing alongside a selfie of her new hair in her bathroom, the former The Bachelor star wrote that “when life gives you lemons” you should “take a selfie and make the most of the good lighting”.

The lemon in this case?

“When you use packet hair dye and then your water gets cut off,” Markoski wrote.

The lifestyle blogger added she needed to make a quick dash to fiancé Sam Wood’s gym to wash it all out.

Commenters and fans of Markoski were less fussed about her hair disaster as such, and much more impressed with the idea that she still uses packet-dye to transform her hair. (Post continues after gallery.)

“Love that you use packet hair dye,” one fan wrote.

Another remarked that they couldn’t even tell the dye was perhaps left in a moment too long

“Looks pretty damn good for packet dye,” they wrote.

For a hair-dye job that didn’t quite go to plan, we have to agree.