Sneak peek: I Don't Know How She Does It, THE MOVIE

When I first heard that Sarah Jessica Parker was starring in the movie of one of my favourite books I Don’t Know How She Does It, I was not happy Jan. Really? SJP? Carrie?

If you’ve read the book – about a working mother juggling too many balls and dropping them all constantly (like we all do), it’s about an English woman and it’s set in London. I’m thinking….Emily Blunt. But when I saw this trailor yesterday, I was instantly won over. They’ve re-set the story in the US and I think it works. Take a look:

Somehow, this looks a little bit like the movie I wanted SATC2 to be. Where Carrie grows the hell up, stops thinking and behaving like a 23 year old and…EVOLVES. I’m looking forward to seeing the movie now. A lot.