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Ashley got her pet snake stuck in her ear lobe AND DEAR GOD WE CAN'T LOOK AWAY.

The internet makes us do strange things. Lie horizontally for no reason in random places. Take naked photos and only use one finger to cover the private bits. Digitally plaster cats’ faces onto pieces of toast.

But this… This is next level and it could have gone horribly, horribly wrong.

Ashley Glawe, 17, from Portland, Oregon in the US wanted to take a selfie with her pet snake.

Why? Because selfies are another thing that the Internet makes us do.

What she didn’t account for, was the fact she also had a stretched piercing in her earlobe – or a “gauged ear”.

It was a gauged ear of perfect, snake-shaped proportions.

Next minute her pet python Bart had slithered through her ear lobe and gotten stuck.

Bart couldn’t move. He was panicking. Glawe was panicking. What was meant to be a simple selfie escalated very, very quickly.

“I kind of went into shock,” she told local media. “I started shaking.”

Most of us would, if we had a real life snake where an earring should be.

After Glawe’s attempts to extract the snake failed, she and Bart went to the emergency room. The hospital staff numbed her ear and used lubricant to free the python.

Disaster averted. One very relieved 17-year-old. One very sheepish looking snake.