If you've got little people in your life, these are the things you need in your fridge (that you'll love too).

I know how to feed my kids. I can do that. I am more than happy to point them to the fruit bowl when they complain that there’s “nothing to eat” and leave them hungry if I am making a particularly troublesome dinner, wanting them to be as ravenous as possible.

But the rules change when other people’s children come over. I want them to have the best time and to know that Aunty Jo will have all of their favourite snacks on hand – because if I have all the foods they like they will know for sure that I love them, right? Right??

It makes sense to me, anyway. I’ve always believed that food is love.

I have six nieces and nephews and one step-grandchild, and they all like different foods.

Nephew number 1 prefers tuna mixed with corn.
Niece number 1 likes anything that is cheese flavoured.
Nephew number 2 likes green apples only, and crackers.
Nephew number 3 likes crackers and Laughing Cow cheese wedges.
Niece number 2 eats crackers and strawberries.
Niece number 3 likes strawberries, and more strawberries.
My step-grandson likes bread, and bananas.

Yes, there is a lot going on there.

I have the pantry sorted but when it comes to refrigerated snacks I have to be a little more organised. I want my nieces and nephews to be able to open the fridge and see all their favourite cold snacks on a reachable shelf waiting for them.


As long as I have a constant supply of these snacks, I’m sorted;

Laughing Cow cheese wedges.
Pitted olives.
Yoghurt tubes.
Fat reduced milk for their milk straws.
Mild salami.
Deli meats.
Cream cheese for sandwiches or dipping.
Fresh fruit and vegetable already chopped and prepared, sometimes as fruit salad.
Hard-boiled eggs.
Almond soaked in water which the kids peel before eating.
Every imaginable spread.
Two kinds of butter.
Milk poppers.


I try to keep it as healthy as possible with a few treats thrown in. I was an aunty before I became a mum and I fell into the trap of bringing them unhealthy foods too often. Instead of it being a treat, it became a habit and if I arrived for a visit or if they visited me and I didn’t have any lollies on hand, faces fell.

Now they know that I don’t have chocolate bars and lollies lying around, and they are fine as long as I keep the fridge well-stocked.

And as long as I have hummus. I actually make this myself and they dip carrots sticks and corn chips into it. I’m quite proud of my hummus.

My fridge is like a party in your mouth and my nieces and nephews love me because of it. My children still claim there is nothing to eat but when they go to my sister’s house (where her kids claim there is nothing to eat) they become very excited.

“Aunty Marina has chilli chicken slices. WHY DON’T YOU EVER BUY CHILLI CHICKEN SLICES?”

“Aunty Marina has Milo.”

“Aunty Marina has Sesame Snaps.”

Is it because they get bored eating the same foods over and over again? I do my best to make sure I have a variety of foods for them and I am endlessly grateful that the foods I buy them are the same foods I like to snack on.

Green apple with crunchy peanut butter? Yes please.
Warm toast with Laughing Cow cheese? Hell yeah.
Boiled egg dipped in low fat mayo? Don’t mind if I do.

Is there a healthy snack your kids love?

Here are some more delicious snack ideas to get you and the kids excited: