A nanny has been caught allegedly trying to smother a baby to death.

A 20-year-old woman from California has been arrested after a nanny cam allegedly filmed her attempting to smother a baby, in a bid to stop him from crying.

Livermore police say that video footage obtained from a hidden nanny cam shows Moriah Gonzales holding her hands over the crying baby’s mouth, until he falls limp.

According to police, Gonzalez lifted up the crying 13-month-old, and held her hands over his face.

The report states that “the sounds went from clear and audible to a muffled cry. After a few seconds [the baby] began to squirm and kick. He then went limp.”

Gonzales is then said to have lifted the boy up, resting him on her shoulder, with her hands still over the baby’s face. Once she removed her hands, the baby began crying again. She then “flung” the baby over her shoulder, before laying him back down in his crib.

Moriah Gonzales. Image via Facebook.

By the time parents arrived home, the baby exhibited no signs of serious harm. With Gonzales still in their house, the parents reviewed the footage.

They asked Gonzales to leave, without disclosing what they saw, before calling the police.

The following day a police officer interviewed Gonzales about the incident. Gonzales’ account was not at all corroborated by the nanny cam footage. She was surprised to learn she had been filmed, but continued to offer a series of events that were inconsistent with the video evidence.

Gonzales was arrested and is faced with charges of felony child abuse likely to cause great bodily harm.

She appeared in court on 22nd of February and pled not guilty.

She is scheduled to return to court on the 8th of April.

Video via NBC Bay Area
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