People are sharing the smartest things their pets have done and OH MY.


If there’s one thing we can all agree on it’s that pets are bloody smart and we don’t deserve their snuggly lil’ bodies and boop-worthy noses.

Some hoomans have been sharing the smartest things their very good boys and very good girls have done on Reddit and… goodness.

It’s almost too much.

But also, we can never have enough furry friend stories, so here we go:

1.The self-diagnosing cat.

BluePlate55 had a very clever kitty growing up.

“I’m sitting on the couch, and my cat walks into the room and starts meowing loudly, but not coming to me. So I stand up and go toward him, and he starts walking away, so I follow. He leads me, meowing the whole way and looking back to make sure I’m following, to the bathroom. Weird, right? Just wait.

“So we’re in the bathroom, and he hops up on the toilet and, get this, he PEES IN IT. I was floored. One, he peed in the toilet. Like a person. He’d never done that before. It’s impressive that he knew what a toilet was for. But two, he brought me there to show me. Why? This is where the real intelligence comes into it.

“Well, he stops peeing and turns to look into the toilet and then looks at me. So I look in the toilet. It’s full of blood. He had a terrible kidney infection (as the vet later confirmed), and this is how he told me.”

The Redditor was blown away by the fact his cat knew how to tell him that he was sick.

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2. The life-saving doggo.

nando1969’s doggo, Bumper, actually saved her life.

“I am diabetic and one night I fell on my carpet from weakness and disorientation. My beloved dog, who now rests in heaven, brought my emergency kit from my bathroom counter so I could take my medication,” she writes.

“Just writing this post brought tears to my eyes. I will always remember you, Bumper.”

3. The, erm, fart-avenging doggo.

This is… special.

“I witnessed this with my uncle’s dog,” ElectricCat wrote on Reddit.

“My uncle was lying on the couch and she was lying on his feet and legs. He let out a huge fart which was aimed directly at her face. She lifted her head and glared at him and he started laughing. She got up and walked away in disgust. A few minutes later she came back, jumped up on his chest, stuck her butt in his face and farted on him and walked away. I laughed so hard I cried and gave her so many treats.”


4. The pupper-training cockatoo.

This is one very clever lil’ fella.

MyNameisRay used to have a cockatoo as well as some dogs.

“We were teaching the dogs some tricks, and the cockatoo was just doing his bird thing. Every day, the same routine: get some treats, call the dogs, sit, stay, lay down, roll over, get a treat, etc,” they wrote on Reddit.

“One night we were watching TV and hear the cockatoo call the dog by name. “Sit. Stay. Lay down. Roll over. Good Boy”. We heard something hit the floor, and then he called out the next dog’s name.

“Walked into the kitchen to find the cockatoo in the spot we always stand, giving orders to the dogs (who were obeying!), and then pulling treats out of the cup and dropping them on the floor. This went on for some time.”

5. The… Santa-paws?

“First Christmas we had our cat she saw us handing out presents and opening them and abruptly ran off. About twenty minutes later she comes back with a dead bird and dropped it in the present pile,” writes Zagfros.

“It’s uh definitely the thought that counts?”


6. The detective doggo.

Redditor greeperfi says one night they woke up to their dog gently biting their hand.

“Once I woke up he started tugging on it as if to say, follow me. It was so weird. So, I follow him and he leads me to the side door of my house, sits facing the door and barks ever so silently,” they wrote.

“I then realise someone is outside picking the lock. I called 911. It was a drunk guy, no idea what his intentions were once he got in, but my dog for some reason managed to get him arrested. ”

7. The copy cat.

“My cat yawned, so I stuck a finger in his mouth,” writes ihavespaceballs.

“He sort of stared at me curiously as he shut his mouth, but didn’t bite down hard. A few minutes later, he’s sitting on my chest and I yawn. He proceeds to put his whole paw in my mouth.”

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