The Queensland homemade adult waterslide called the 'Slip and Bleed'.

Well only in Queensland…

You may think you had an amazing Australia Day but it was nothing compared to these Queenslanders who decided to create their own fun by building a death defying 100-metre water slide through the bush. They even aptly named it — The Slip and Bleed.

Built on a steep hill, with a slippery dip at the top to give full launch projectile power, the fun-seekers filmed their antics and uploaded it to YouTube where it has now gone viral and been viewed more than 2 million times.

We can see why. It is absolutely hilarious — albeit very dangerous.  (Post continues after video) 

Posted by Queenslander Kirsty McKavanagh to her Facebook page, the video features a man named Daz soaping up the slide built on their family farm and slipping down the tarp-covered hillside for 30 seconds.

“You’ll have to start charging, it’s going viral, you’ll have people travelling from other countries next year to try out the Slip and Bleed at Old McKavanagh’s farm,” Carly-Ann Heathwood-Roberts commented.

A later video shows how the slide got its brutal name as eight of McKavanagh’s family members slide in tandem only to completely stack it.

They later posted images of their bruises and cuts with great pride as a result of their runs down the epic slide.

This will give you a few ideas about what to plan for next year’s Australia Day party at your place.   

Meanwhile, we are heading to the McKavanagh farm for some fun.