A mum and her son narrowly escape death on a theme park ride.

“We’ll pray for you!” Dad yells out.

“The ropes are looking a little frayed!” Dads are hilarious.

“Did you sign the insurance waiver?” HA HA HA….ha?

Spare a thought for Carrie Sueker and Trevor Larson, whose fun trip to the Mt Olympus Theme Park and Resort almost turned deadly after being strapped into the park’s slingshot ride.

Video via Viral Hog

Dad, Dru says his first reaction was shock: “Disbelief. Didn’t think that just actually happened. And then second thing was if they were OK.”

Mt Olympus released a statement on Friday regarding the incident saying they will permanently cease operation of the ride and remove it from the park.

Never. Ride. Again.

Are you scared of theme park rides? 

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