'I slept with my husband's boss and now I have to see him at the office Christmas party.'

A Reddit user has turned to the internet in a desperate time of need.

Her desperate time of need?

She slept with had very “memorable kinky sex” with her husband’s boss a few times and now she has to see him at the annual Christmas party.


And you thought your office Christmas party was bad.

Now before you, like me, have a LOT of thoughts and use a whole lot of unnecessary brain power trying to solve this Christmas conundrum, wait, there’s more.

Turns out said kinky sex happened years ago before wedding vows were exchanged.


sleeping with the boss

I wasn't freaking out. You were. Image via Giphy.

"Before I met my husband, I was single, and dated. A lot. I met this guy and we hooked up a few times. We had really good physical chemistry," she wrote under the username 'sleptwithhusbandsbos'.

"We had some REALLY kinky sex that is pretty memorable for me and I suspect might be to him."

Sounds like a match made in heaven.

Alas, it wasn't meant to be.

"He was 8-9 years younger than me, kind of immature, and I don't think he was looking for a relationship, which I was. Instead of saying I thought we were looking for different things and it wasn't working out, I ghosted him, figuring I'd never see him again."


Embarrassed by her ghosting failure and the potential of coming face-to-face with the other half of aforementioned kinky sex, the Reddit user has been left in a bit of a sticky situation.

sleeping with the boss

Image via Giphy.

"The whole thing is really just super-uncomfy [sic] for me. My husband knows that I'm uncomfortable, he knows I 'went out with' this guy and that I ghosted him, but of course he doesn't know the details or how vivid the sex was."

Like any truly awful decision making moment in life sleptwithhusbandsbos's husband has been a total gentleman and has told her that the decision is totally up to her.

The main point of the Reddit post, beside an insight into the potential dangers of ghosting, is this eloquently phrased question:

"It is at all okay for me to excuse myself from going, or is that just more chickenshittiness [sic]?"

Her words. Not mine.

And the people of Reddit responded.

 "Your husband gave yo the out, so if you don't want to go, don't go," encouraged one user.
But another commenter thought their past encounter was no biggie at all.
"It's just sex. You both consented. Don't mention going out with him when you're introduced. Changes are, he'll barely register your name, much less remember who you are," they wrote.

Then there was this response. A personal favourite of mine.

"I don't know about you, but I have 0 problem inrteracting with people I used to be with. Be friendly, cordial, and if he isn't a piece of shit he should act exactly the same way."

I hope that sleptwithhusbandsbos found the advice helpful.

For the time being you'll find me stalking Reddit threads trying to find out what happened.