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Sleep and sex are the keys to happiness and, all of a sudden, we couldn't be happier.


A new (absolutely brilliant – we’re not biased at all) study out of the UK has shown sex and sleep are more important for happiness than money.

Yep, researchers at Oxford Economics surveyed 8,250 people through the National Centre for Social Research.

They found people who sleep well score 15 points higher on the happiness index than those who toss and turn and can’t find the right position, The Telegraph reports.

Those who are dissatisfied in the bedroom rate their happiness seven points lower than those who are very satisfied.

And good sleep and good sex are the top two determining factors to living well. (Tell that to your bank manager).

Is our constant quest for happiness making us sad? Post contines below.

After sex and sleep, factors such as job security; the health of close relatives; and chatting to neighbours regularly, heavily impacted overall happiness, Men’s Health reports.

Money, despite popular belief, had not much to do with it.

In fact, those whose annual household income is £50,000 ($AUD 84,365) are only two points happier than those who live off £12,500 ($AUD 21,091).

Go on then… You know what you need to do.


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