SkyFeast at Sydney Tower review: We tried the new 'unlimited dining in the sky' experience.

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Now more than ever we are appreciative of moments that take us away and make us realise just how lucky we are, right here in Australia.

As an on-and-off Sydneysider over the years, a visit to the iconic revolving sky-high restaurant at Sydney Tower has been on my bucket list for a while.

Now, after six months of renovation, SkyFeast has replaced Sydney Tower Buffet with a more COVID-friendly "unlimited dining" concept. So, what better excuse to tick this quintessentially Sydney experience off my list?

I took my three boys (husband included) to check out what this "unlimited dining in the sky" experience is really like.


There's a reason they call it SkyFeast. It really is a feast. A feast of the senses - it’s located 82 floors above Sydney’s CBD, and you get 360-degree revolving views of the harbour and city below.
Would you look at that? Image: Supplied.

And it is also a feast in the literal sense. I wasn’t sure what "unlimited dining" meant, but I was about to find out. 


I’m not one to peruse a menu before going somewhere new - I like the element of surprise. So when we arrived, I let my eyes feast over the 32 delicious 'global items' on the menu and grew even more excited as I realised, we get to try all 32 of them.

Yep, instead of the old self-serve buffet, you get the flavours of the world brought to your dinner table with tasting towers of entrées, mains and desserts, straight from their open kitchen.

Each course is brought out and arranged on a three-tiered serving stand. Like an indulgent three-course high tea.

Prawns? I'll have a few. Image: Supplied.


But here is the ‘unlimited’ part. If you really liked the baked barramundi, grilled kangaroo or the tofu eggplant stir fry, (with the exception of three of the seafood items) you can ask for more of anything on the menu and they will bring you as much as you like, unlimited, at no additional cost. For us, it was the black forest gateau.

I will admit when I first realised there was no dedicated “kids’ menu” I panicked. I have a very fussy five year old. 

But upon further inspection of the menu, among all three courses there were fussy kid proof options: focaccia bread, tempura fish bites, grilled chicken, handcut steak chips, pasta, Hokkien noodles and of course, all of the dessert options.

To quote my foodie eight year old: "There is something of everything, that I would ever want."

Chips? Don't mind if we do. Image: Supplied.


When we sat down, we were asked if the kids would like any items from the mains brought out straight away while my husband and I gorged on Sydney rock oysters, tiger prawns, mussels, antipasto and fresh salads.

But the kids didn’t need their mains straight away - they were too distracted spotting rooftop pools, finding the Sydney Harbour Bridge, a glimpse of the Sydney Opera House and trying to figure out where ‘our house’ might be.

It was breathtaking and relaxing all at the same time. As I sat and enjoyed a crisp, cold sparkling glass of wine as the sun cascaded down, I took in Sydney in all her beauty. It makes you realise just how expansive this magnificent city is. 

It gave me perspective. A chance to reflect on the year that has been and realise just how lucky we are to be out at a restaurant, and such a picturesque and unique experience at that. I’ve never felt so grateful to be out and enjoying a local experience.

A satisfied crew. Image: Supplied.


The service was relaxed, friendly, and professional. It really was a family-friendly place to visit. And the real kicker? Kids aged three to 12 eat free Monday to Thursday or on their birthdays, showing just why it's perfect for a family lunch or dinner. Or, for anyone after a memorable experience, really.

For a limited time, enjoy lunch from $60 per person and dinner from $80 per person at SkyFeast. Book at

The writer and her family enjoyed this experience thanks to SkyFeast.

Located 82 floors above the city CBD, in the iconic Sydney Tower, SkyFeast offers unlimited dining in the sky with spectacular, 360-degree revolving views of the harbour and city below. For a limited time, enjoy lunch from $60 per person and dinner from $80 per person at SkyFeast. Kids eat free Monday to Thursday and on their birthdays. T&Cs apply. For the festive season, SkyFeast is also offering special Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve events. Feast at new heights and enjoy the flavours of the world brought to your table. Book at