Skye Wheatley has spent thousands on cosmetic procedures, for one reason.

At age 20, Skye Wheatley was the youngest contestant in the 2014 Big Brother house.

It was a rough ride for the barista from the Gold Coast. She was often called “shallow and naive” by fellow housemates. But popularity with the public saw her make it to the show’s finale, ultimately landing in third place.

Now, the 22-year-old is almost unrecognisable.

First, there’s the professional transformation – she has an Instagram following of nearly 300,000 and a growing YouTube channel. “A company will send me some products, I trial the products, if I like them, I’ll promote them and they pay me,” Wheatley told The Project this evening.

But the physical differences are also profound.

The Instagram model has spent thousands of dollars on cosmetic surgery and procedures. It’s an obsession, she says, that comes from being on the show.

My new favourite make up brushes from @iconic.london their EVO brushes are rose gold and to die for! #sp #iconiclondon

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“I’ve had my boobs, my nose and my lips done,” Wheatley told The Project this evening. “There’s a rumour that I’ve had my butt done. But that’s not real.”

Wheatley underwent her breast augmentation procedure overseas in Thailand. She spent $7,000 for the surgery, but the procedure didn’t go to plan.

Can’t wait for Bali this Wednesday ????????????????????????

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Still, she wasn’t turned off the thought of more surgery. She followed her “boob job” with a rhinoplasty and lip fillers.

“I am happy with who I am – I just realised I had imperfections and I wanted to change them,” Wheatley told The Project. 

Sometimes you have to be selfish and make yourself happy first instead of others ???????? #3layersofmascaralater

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So what does her mother, and her fans, think of Wheatley’s new look?

“As a mother, you don’t want your child to change – I think she’s beautiful just the way she is,” Wheatley’s mother Yolanda told the Channel 10 show. “But there’s nothing I can do or say that would stop her.”

As for the fans – it’s just like 2014: they’re sticking by her no matter what.

“I don’t know how to be anyone else but myself,” Wheatley said. “The best thing about YouTube is seeing all the support I have from people who’ve watched me on Big Brother and have come back to my YouTube and said ‘oh you’re still the same girl; you might look a bit different, but you’re still the same girl on the inside’. And that is so good to hear.”

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