Big Brother's Skye Wheatley has spent thousands on cosmetic surgery. She admits it hasn't 'fixed' her problems.

For years, Skye Wheatley has been open and honest about her cosmetic surgery procedures.

The 2014 Big Brother star, 26, first had a breast augmentation in Bangkok in 2015, then reconstructive surgery after the first surgery was botched, followed by rhinoplasty, lip filler and cheek filler.

In a new YouTube video responding to assumptions about her, Wheatley shared her struggle with body image, despite surgeries to ‘fix’ her insecurities.

Renny asked Dr. Naomi McCullum, a cosmetic physician who runs a luxury clinic called The Manse, everything she’d do to her face. Post continues below video.

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“I feel like [body image] has been my biggest hurdle in life and something that I’ve focused on a lot,” she said, when asked about her transformation. “Which I know I shouldn’t, but I’ve always been very hard on myself, I’ve always been very self-critical.

“I know it’s normal for people to be like that, it’s human nature… but I was pretty extreme with it. I used to wear a hat in class [at school] because I was worried about my eye bags. That’s how crazy it was. I had so many insecurities, not the normal amount a child my age should have and I don’t know why I was like that, I don’t know what happened.

“I was always very self-conscious of my weight, very insecure about everything about me. Insecure about my eye bags, my skin; how white I was, my hair.

“I honestly would try to cover up as much of my face as possible with a hat, and lots of makeup. I think when I turned 15 I would pack on the makeup… and I still hated myself. I hated my teeth, I hated my freckles and hated my nose. Hated it. I never learned to accept my nose and went and had plastic surgery.”

Even so, Wheatley said she was still not content with her physical appearance.

“I still have insecurities, I’m still really hard on myself, and yeah, I probably need counselling. It’s bad to be like that,” she said.

Wheatley recalled being younger and crying at the sight of herself in the mirror.

“I’m so upset that I felt that way about myself, I really am and it would hurt me to see other young girls feel that way about themselves. And it sucks, because there’s so much beauty, so much beauty and there’s a lot of fakeness too.

“Like, hello. I’m not real. If you’re looking at me thinking ‘f*ck she’s perfect’, I have had my nose, I’ve had my boobs, I’ve had my lips, I’ve whitened by teeth, I’ve coloured by hair, I wear fake tan, there’s a lot of peacocking.”



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Wheatley’s first cosmetic procedure was a boob job in Bangkok in 2015, when she was 22. She had hoped surgery would allow for her breast sizes to be matched (one breast was an A cup and one was a C cup).

She had flown to Thailand for surgery at a lower price, but she was left with a botched ‘bubble’ in her breast after surgery.

“When I had the bandages taken off I could see a really noticeable double bubble in my right breast and I was in a lot of pain. I was in bed the whole time trying to recover and wear my compression bra,” Wheatley said on Trial By Kyle in 2018.

Image: Channel 10.

"They're quite different sizes and that's what I wanted to correct. Obviously I was insecure about my breasts beforehand, so now it's just amplified. It's a lot worse. I had spent nights crying over it and being so upset over it."

She spent $28,000 on corrective surgery in Australia.

In 2016, Wheatley had a rhinoplasty procedure and shared a gruesome video of her recovery process on YouTube.

"I'm in so much pain, like so much pain. My face is swollen up even more," she said, but she was "happy to get rid of those nostrils".

In late 2019, Wheatley shared her experience with lip and cheek filler on her Instagram story, the latter which she got for the first time after she finished breastfeeding her son Forest, who is 17 months old.

She said she was hesitant to get cheek filler, but was encouraged by her surgeon.

"She said, 'I think you would absolutely love cheek filler', so I got the tiniest bit of cheek filler. I was so nervous for her to do it, but I am seriously obsessed. It just makes you look younger, I think. It just plumps your face."

She said she also got "a little bit of Botox" in her frown line, as well as under her right eyebrow as her face "wasn't symmetrical".

Wheatley said she was "always so open" about the procedures she had.

Feature image: YouTube.

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