'Skintertainment' is the beauty trend taking over the world one Instagram at a time.

It’s official – people can’t get enough of face masks right now.

A beauty trend that started in Korea (women have been using them multiple times a week for decades) before exploding all over the world, the once rare sheet mask has become an at-home staple.

Watch the video playing above to see the best of ‘Skintertainment’.

They’re relatively cheap, give instant results and is the easiest way to treat yo’ self after a hard day’s work.


The idea of the sheet mask rather than just whacking a cream on your face is that the mask creates a barrier, physically sealing in the active serums underneath and on your skin, making the product work more effectively.

Oh, and they look hilarious.

But if you’re using a simple white sheet mask (which let’s face it, makes everyone look like a serial killer) then you’re apparently doing it wrong.

Now it’s all about the novelty sheet mask.

Image: Instagram

From bubble to animal-themed masks, people can't get enough of their 'Skintertainment'.

And quite frankly, they could be even more entertaining than Netflixx.

Watch the video for a taste of some the wackiest ones we've spotted on social media and see below for our pick of the best to try at home.