Skinny jeans: are they still in?

The modern version of the skinny jean first came to prominence about seven years ago when Kate Moss ventured out in a pair and started a worldwide trend. This was prior to her cocaine scandal when everything she wore was swiftly copied by chain stores across the globe and turned into retail gold.

Skinny jeans didn’t suit everyone and there were some unfortunate side effects of wearing such tight jeans in public, namely bum cleavage and muffin tops. I shudder to remember when seeing a complete strangers underwear was a daily occurrence. Fast forward to 2011 and things have moved on; denim waistlines have moved up a few inches, t-shirts have become longer and g-strings are thankfully less visible. However the question remains, with the skinny jean still being the unofficial uniform of off-duty models and the best option for wearing underneath boots, are they still in?

Well, I’ve got some good news and some bad news. The good news is, skinny jeans are still in and the bad news is… skinny jeans are still in. Let me clarify, it’s bad news for anyone, like me, who has stumbled around a dressing room for what seems like an eternity, only to get your sausages for legs in ankle deep.

With many other denim styles looking ‘mumsy’ or out-of-date in comparison, shopping for jeans can be likened to the nightmare one experiences swimsuit shopping. However Lauren Jones, womenswear denim buyer at General Pants thinks the skinny jean can be good news for all body types, not just the Kate Moss’s and Elle MacPherson’s of the world.

“Advances in technology, in terms of wash, stretch, return and comfort have made skinny jeans more wearable and accessible across all body types,” she says.

Jones also offers these tips:

  • For those wanting to conceal their mid section, a mid to high-rise will tuck in tummies and hold your lower back in to avoid the dreaded muffin top.
  • To help balance thighs and hips, wash techniques and ankle widths can be used to create a longer silhouette.
  • Playing with pocket placement and back yokes can do wonders for your behind, pockets that are closer together will give the illusion of a smaller bum.

I’ll also throw in one, if your legs don’t resemble those of an übermodel, then skip the ballet flats in favour of a pair of heels, it will give the illusion of much longer, less chipolata-like legs. With no sign of this trend dying off in the near future – Jones used the term “wardrobe staple” – even men are embracing the skinniest cuts they can find, which is a whole other article. If skinny jeans still aren’t for you, a bootcut style will flatter curvy hips and straight-legged jeans will suit most body types. Failing that, Jones says the other big trends for summer will be ahem, flares and coloured denim.

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